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What is PitCH?

Practice in the Cloud Hosting (PitCH) is the innovative, convenient, and flexible alternative to fixed on-premises server systems, offered by Trisynia.

With PitCH, all your critical business IT systems and applications are hosted in an accredited and secure data centre environment. Your systems are protected with multiple redundant features.

The data centre environment provides continuous access and reliability:

What are the benefits of PitCH?


PitCH gives you and your team the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time.

Great for your employees

People now expect to be able to work from home, or from any place. At a time that suits them. PitCH allows them to do that, easily.
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A much better alternative to on-premises solutions - for Medical and Professional practices

A smarter choice for any Practice

Ditch your bulky, expensive and high-maintenance on-premises servers and phone systems for a modern and streamlined approach.


PitCH is suitable for practices of any size, and can be up- or down-sized easily and quickly.

Reduced costs

Easily adaptable to your requirements, saving you money and reducing your business risk.
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A controlled and secure data centre environment protects your information 24/7.

Multiple protection features

Safeguards include redundant power, fire suppression, cooling and 24x7 resource monitoring.
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Subscription model

PitCH is a subscription model - you choose the amount of resources you need and pay a set monthly fee.

More ways to save

This model improves your cash flow, simplifies budgeting, and frees up your capital funds for other important needs.


Security measures include commercial business grade firewalls and multifactor authentication.

Backup and DR

Also includes regular and verified system backups to cloud storage, and options for full disaster recovery services.
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By removing the servers you can the use additional space for offices or client areas.

Less noise

Plus, you eliminate noise, cooling and security issues associated with servers.


You will save money on maintenance and servicing costs, as your servers and phone systems will no longer be required. 


As PitCH is a modular solution, only the components you need will be installed, which also saves you money.

What is included with PitCH:

Hosted Windows virtual server environment in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud

Windows 10 Enterprise

Multiuser for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) user access for all office 365 computing functions.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

IPSec VPN for data transfer

Backup to Azure Cloud

Configuration of desktop computers for access to PitCH services

User instructions for setup

Migrating your business data

The PitCH Business Model

Example: Medical Practice.

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