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About us

Trisynia: Building the systems that build your business

Our story

In 2020, three long-standing IT service providers united to form Trisynia. Each business and highly-regarded and successful, but they wanted to take advantage of the benefits the amalgamation would provide.

The objective of the merger was to share knowledge, create efficiencies and grow the businesses more effectively. Microresponse (est. 1991), CED IT (est. 1993) and Bluefly IT Solutions (est. 2003), formed the new company, Trisynia.

Together, we have established a dynamic new company that focuses on contemporary business technology solutions. Our strengths are the quality of our systems, and the skills and knowledge of our people.

Our headquarters are in Port Melbourne, with an office in Sydney. We also have a presence in Brisbane, which enables us to engage easily with the entire Australian east coast.

Trisynia has clients in every major Australian city, as well as many others in regional areas. We also have clients in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand.

Our team

Our team of technicians is a great mix of young guns and wise heads. They’re  backed by a fantastic support crew who keep the back-office humming along.

With people on the ground in the three east coast capitals and quality associates in many other towns and cities throughout Australia (and let’s not forget our heroes in New Zealand) we are ready to meet any IT challenge that you can throw at us.

Our forte

Trisynia provides specialist support to more than one hundred medical practices in Melbourne and Sydney.

Our medical support and infrastructure teams work seamlessly to bring our customers the best possible outcomes.

We provide first-level support for many of the applications used in medical practices.

Leadership Team

David Martin

Director - Business Development

David's story

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Director - Marketing and Sales

Tony's story

Some areas where we really excel... Building IT solutions that build your business
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Brian Parish

General Manager

Brian's story

Brian spent 20 years running his own IT support businesses, before joining Trisynia in 2021.

His experience running a similar MSP for the last ten years, Brian knows how to make things work smoothly for his customers and is driven by providing the best customer service possible.
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